How To Buy


Step 1: Choose the product that you want to buy and press the image of that product to visit product details page.


Step 2: You will get all the details of that product. Read carefully the product details. Select your desired quantity by pressing + or – of the quantity tag. And then press the “Buy Now” button or if you want to buy more product at a time then press “Add to Cart” button. Then press “Proceed to Buy” button.


Step 3: If you are a registered customer, then you need to log in. If you are not, you may either complete “Registration” to buy or “Buy as a Guest”.


Note: It is mentionable here that if you done “Registration” once, you will need not to provide your information every time you buy. And you may also be applicable for different offers that we publish time to time.


Step 4: If you complete the registration, then after pressing “Proceed to buy” you will be redirected to “Shipping Address” page.


Step 5: Provide required contact number and shipping information for the order.


Step 6: Select payment method that you want to prefer. If you want to make online payment you will be redirected to Bank information page. Provide required information for completing the order.


Step 7: Finally confirm your order. Our team will contact with you for further delivery process and you will get the product in time in sha Allah.